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Home Remedies for Dog’s in Heat

Posted by Jeffrey Powers on
Home Remedies for Dog’s in Heat

While the heat cycle is a natural process for female dogs, it can bring about a range of behaviors and physical symptoms. All of this might leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Did you know? A dog's heat cycle can last anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks, and during this time, she might exhibit signs of discomfort, restlessness, and even anxiety. As a pet parent, you naturally want to provide relief and comfort to your furry friend.

Luckily, numerous home remedies and natural solutions can help alleviate some of the distress your dog may be experiencing. From the power of Full Spectrum CBD Chews to the soothing effects of calming music, these remedies are often simple yet effective.

Remember, while these remedies offer great support, always consult your veterinarian to ensure the best care for your pooch. So, whether you're a seasoned dog owner or new to understanding the challenges of a dog in heat, this guide is tailored for you. 

Keep reading to learn more about these natural remedies and how to implement them to give your dog the relief she deserves.

Calming and Wellness Chews: Doctor Powers CBD for Dogs

When providing relief for your dog in heat, Doctor Powers CBD for Dogs offers an excellent remedy in the form of calming and wellness chews. These chews are crafted using Full Spectrum CBD and have been specifically formulated keeping dogs in mind. 

What's great about them? Each chew is loaded with 13 mg of CBD & CBD-A Cannabinoids, striking the right balance for optimum efficacy.

Another feature that makes them stand out is the irresistible Cheese, Bacon & Quinoa flavor that will surely entice your pooch. 

Whether you have a small pet or a big one, these chews are available in both 15 and 45 count sizes to suit your needs. As for the dosage, it's simple. The recommended dose is one chew for every 10 to 25 pounds and can be administered once or twice daily. This makes it perfect for medium and large-breed dogs.

Don't wait until the next heat cycle. Equip yourself with natural remedies to ensure your furry friend's comfort. Explore a range of CBD products crafted specifically for animals that are safe, effective, and loved by pets. Dive into our collection and discover the proper remedy now. Browse our CBD products for animals here.

Cooling Pads & Mats

Heat can be tough on dogs; sometimes, they just need a cool place to relax. That's where cooling pads and mats come into play. They play a pivotal role in regulating your dog's body temperature, offering a refreshing surface to rest upon. 

Using them is a breeze: place them where your dog likes to rest and watch them enjoy the coolness.

What's more, these mats are non-toxic and safe for pets. For days when the heat becomes unbearable, these pads can also be refrigerated for an added cooling effect. And after they've served their purpose, you'll find them washable and reusable, ensuring lasting use and value for money.

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is not just for humans; it can also benefit dogs. Lavender oil, for instance, is known for creating a calming ambiance, perfect for a dog in heat. But it's crucial to remember to ensure all oils used are dog-safe. Oils are potent, so always dilute essential oils before use.

Instead of applying them directly, using diffusers to spread the aroma gently is a good practice. This ensures that the fragrance is distributed evenly without overwhelming your pet. And a word of caution: avoid direct application on the dog. Their skin is sensitive, and undiluted oils can irritate.

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Massage & Physical Comfort

Just like humans, dogs can also benefit immensely from a gentle massage. A massage can act as a balm for their discomfort, relieving tension and stress. When massaging your dog, focus on the neck, shoulders, and base of the tail. These are the areas where they often hold tension.

Employ long, soothing strokes to provide maximum comfort. However, the environment plays a crucial role. Ensure that the surroundings are calm and quiet to elevate the comfort level. And remember, every dog is different. Always be gentle, take cues from their reactions, and adjust your technique accordingly.

Distraction Techniques

One of the most effective strategies for a dog in heat is providing ample distraction. Engaging your dog in their favorite game or toy can help shift their focus from the discomfort and restlessness they might be experiencing.

Chewing is a natural stress reliever for dogs, so providing them with chew toys can be a great way to divert their attention. Moreover, puzzle toys aren't just fun, but they stimulate the mind, offering both entertainment and mental engagement.

While monitoring and perhaps limiting intense physical activities is essential, short walks or play sessions can still be beneficial. They help burn off some of the pent-up energy. Additionally, crate training can offer your dog a safe retreat, a place they can go when they need downtime.

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Maintain a Regular Routine

Routine is comforting. The world can seem topsy-turvy for a dog in heat, but a predictable routine provides solace. Ensuring things like feeding times remain consistent can offer a sense of normalcy.

Walking, with its repetitive motions and fresh air, can be therapeutic. Regular walks, even shorter than usual, can keep them calm and grounded. Allocating specific quiet times during the day can also help your dog understand when it's time to relax and when it's time to be active.

It's also important to note that avoiding any major changes in their environment or schedule can prevent added stress during their heat cycle.

Comfortable & Easy-to-Clean Bedding

Where your dog rests can play a significant role in their comfort. Ensuring that their bedding is soft and inviting is vital. However, there can be occasional messes during their heat cycle, making it crucial to use easily washable materials for quick cleaning.

An extra blanket or pillow can add more comfort, providing warmth and softness. Consider positioning their bed in a quiet corner of the house away from the hustle and bustle. Hygiene is paramount during this time, so regular cleaning and sanitizing of their bedding can keep infections at bay.

Your dog deserves the best, especially when in heat. From calming chews to other effective CBD products, we've got you covered. Step into the world of natural relief and witness the difference it can make. Check out our dedicated collection of CBD products for animals today.

Calming Music and Sounds

Soundscapes can have a profound effect on mood. Soft, instrumental music can serve as a gentle lullaby for a dog in heat, soothing their anxiety. If music isn't their thing, natural sounds, such as rain or waves, can be just as calming, replicating the serene sounds of nature.

However, it's crucial to avoid loud or abrupt noises which can startle or stress them further. For households with disruptive ambient noise, white noise machines can help mask disturbing sounds, creating a consistent auditory environment.

In today's digital age, numerous streaming platforms curate playlists designed for calming pets. Exploring these can offer your canine companion some much-needed serenity.

Wrapping Up: Natural Relief for Dogs

Navigating the heat cycle with your canine companion can be a demanding experience for both the pet and the pet parent. However, with many natural remedies available today, ensuring your dog's comfort has always been challenging. CBD chews, cooling pads, aromatherapy, and gentle massages, among others, serve as a testament to the holistic approach many pet owners are now adopting.

Not only do they provide immediate relief, but they also focus on overall wellness, ensuring that the dog's emotional and physical well-being is catered to. Prioritizing safety and effectiveness is key, especially when delving into natural remedies. Every dog is unique, and their reactions to these remedies can vary. Therefore, always watch your pet's reactions and adjust accordingly.

Ready to take the next step for your dog's comfort? Explore natural solutions with a collection tailored for our four-legged friends. Discover the potential of CBD products specifically designed for animals and make an informed choice today.

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