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Many New Products!!

Posted by Jeffrey Powers on
Our New Products made with our Beaver Island Cherry Hemp Flower extract are rich in CBD and many other beneficial Cannabinoids including CBD-A ( a potent anti-inflammatory) THC-V which reduces anxiety, CBN which (promotes sleep and is neuroprotective), CBC & CBG which are anxietolytic and anti inflammatory.

Full Spectrum Hemp Gummies Available Now!

Posted by Jeffrey Powers on
Our full spectrum Hemp Gummies are now available online!  Please stop by Powers Do It Best Hardware or Jordan Valley Animal Clinic as well!  Our gummies have been shown to contain 25 mg of CBD as well as additional full spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes.  

Exciting News About CBD-A !

Posted by Jeffrey Powers on
Researchers at Oregon State University recently discovered that CBD-A(Cannabidolic Acid) and CBG-A ( Cannabigerolic acid) have been shown to block the ability of COVID-19 to enter cells.  Our natural complete extracts are rich in CBD-A


Posted by Jeffrey Powers on

Our newest extracts are rich in beneficial Terpenes!  Myrcene our #1 Terpene has been shown in many studies to help with anxiety and to increase sleep.  Caryophyllene, Limonene and Humulene as well have been shown in...

Expanding our Product Line..

Posted by Jeffrey Powers on
Partnering with Pure Biologix CBD we have expanded our product line!  We now include flavored Oils for Human use and Salmon Oil Based Products for our furry friends.  In addition we now have topical products to provide the same benefits of cannabinoids applied topically to joints and inflamed areas