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What are  Hemp Extracts and where do they come from?   

Full spectrum Hemp Extracts come from the Hemp Plant, that is rich in beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes.  Our extracts come from organically grown Colorado Cherry Hemp Plants that are naturally high in CBD, CBC, CBG and very low in THC below the legal 0.3% limit so they will not develop a high feeling.

How does Beaver Island Hemp Company Make our extracts and products

First of all our plants are carefully harvested and dried. Next by partnering with Pure Biologix CBD and Michigan Hemp Solutions we utilize Clean CO2 processing to develop the highest quality Hemp Extracts possible free of organic solvents.  Next our extracts are carefully measured and blended to develop the various strengths of our products.  Each batch is tested by a third party laboratory to assure the levels of cannabinoids present in each product. 

How do Hemp Products work in people and animals?

Hemp products containing cannabinoids and terpenes interact with many receptors throughout your body from the central nervous system to  many organs in  your body, including your skin and digestive tract, contains these receptors.  The main receptors they interact with are known as CB1 and CB2(cannabinoid receptors), which they help our bodies regulate homeostasis, and do not cause a psychoactive effect.  Animals although containing slightly different levels of these receptors, they also can benefit in similar ways by receiving Hemp Extracts.

How much Hemp Oil Extract or Capsules should I take?

The recommended starting serving size is about a half a dropper, which equates to about 0.5 mL of oil. This is depending upon which strength you are taking.  Research has shown that CBD and other cannabinoids in hemp oil reach peak absorption in about 1/2 hour and so you should feel a very mild relaxation at the correct dose.  CBD will stay with you for around 12 hours so it is best to repeat your dose am and pm to get a balanced effect.  When you take CBD for a couple days you develop a stable blood levels so it is best to take several doses to achieve a beneficial effect.  As for capsules start with one twice a day, we formulated our capsules with 50 mg of CBD and CBD-A which is a good starting dose for most people. You can increase the dose of our Hemp oils but do so slowly to reach a desired effect.

How much Hemp Oil should i give to my pets and how often?

 We have several strengths of hemp oil available for your pets from 500 mg up to 1550 mg.  In small dogs and cats I would recommend starting with the 500 mg concentrations and utilizing a quarter to half dropper twice a day and increasing the dose to get the desired effect.   You can mix oils with your pets food, this is easier in cats especially.