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Hemp Extract vs. CBD: Differences + Uses

Posted by Jeffrey Powers on
Hemp Extract vs. CBD: Differences + Uses

Two terms in the holistic health industry are often interchangeable but are distinct in many ways. They are Hemp Extract and CBD. If you've ever wondered about these two or how they can benefit you and your four-legged friend, you're in the right place.

Understanding the differences can be a game-changer for health enthusiasts and pet owners alike. Whether you're looking to enhance your personal wellness routine or provide some potential comfort to your canine companion, knowledge is power.

Why does this matter to you? Because the market is flooded with products and claims. Distinguishing between hemp extract and CBD and knowing which is ideal for your specific needs (and your pets) can unlock their full potential.

So, if you're ready to explore hemp extract and CBD, keep reading. We're about to shed light on their differences, uses, and benefits for both humans and dogs. 

Origins and Components

Hemp Extract:

Derived from the versatile hemp plant, hemp extract offers a wholesome experience. This extract is sourced from the entire plant, which includes the leaves, stalks, and flowering parts. As a result, it offers a complex profile rich in multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and various phytonutrients

You might find a blend of components like CBD, CBG, and even a trace amount of THC, but usually below the 0.3% limit deemed legal in many jurisdictions. Known by designations like broad or full-spectrum, the presence of natural terpenes in hemp extract often imparts distinct flavors and aromas, adding to its unique character.

CBD (Cannabidiol):

In contrast to the broad spectrum of hemp extract, CBD stands out as an isolated compound derived from the cannabis plant. Representing a singular cannabinoid, CBD products focus specifically on delivering the benefits of cannabidiol without the accompaniment of other cannabinoids. 

Importantly, these products are typically free of THC, the compound responsible for the psychoactive effects associated with marijuana. When we talk about CBD isolate, we refer to the purest form of cannabidiol. In this form, expect a neutral flavor devoid of the robust plant-like taste commonly associated with hemp-based products.

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Extraction Process

Hemp Extract:

The extraction process for hemp extract takes a holistic approach. It involves using the whole plant - the leaves, flowers, or stalks. Several methods are employed, with CO2 extraction and alcohol extraction being among the most popular, each aiming to preserve the compounds present in the plant. Depending on the desired end product, further refining might be necessary. Consequently, hemp extract often takes on a darker hue, presenting a rich, dense oil rich in a spectrum of plant compounds.


CBD extraction zeroes in on one goal: extracting the cannabidiol molecule. Though it can employ the same methods as hemp extract, the objective is singular. The resulting output, especially when aiming for CBD isolate, is clear to slightly golden oil.

 Achieving this purity necessitates additional refining processes. The end product, especially in its isolated form, is often characterized by a less plant-forward taste, making it palatable for a wider audience.

Legal Aspects

Hemp Extract:

Navigating the legal landscape of hemp extract reveals some consistent themes. It's federally legal in the U.S., provided the THC content doesn't exceed the 0.3% threshold. However, potential users should know that it's subject to state-specific regulations. 

Given its legal status, it's now found in various consumer products, from edibles to topicals. As a best practice, labels should specify the THC content, ensuring consumer transparency. It's worth noting that the legality of hemp extract varies internationally, necessitating a check with 

local laws when traveling or purchasing abroad.


CBD, particularly when sourced from hemp, enjoys a federally legal status in numerous regions, the U.S. included. However, the regulations can differ, especially when distinguishing between hemp-derived CBD and that extracted from cannabis. Clarity is vital in this domain, so reliable products often have clear labeling specifying the source and cannabinoid content. 

One of the main attractions of CBD is the absence of psychoactive effects, thanks to its lack of THC. This non-intoxicating nature and its therapeutic potential contribute to its growing acceptance worldwide.

Uses in Humans

Hemp Extract:

Hemp extract has carved a niche for itself in holistic wellness. Its multifaceted profile makes it suitable for promoting general well-being. Beyond wellness, it's also making waves in skincare, championed for its hydrating and calming properties

For those seeking subtle relaxation without the heady effects of THC, hemp extract might be a choice worth exploring. It's become a mainstay in dietary supplements, and its versatility shines through in various available products, from edibles and oils to tinctures and capsules.


CBD, with its targeted benefits, caters to specific wellness goals. It's gaining traction, especially in products like tinctures, gummies, and topicals. 

Often times, CBD finds itself paired with other natural compounds, enhancing its effects in synergistic formulations. A standout feature is its non-intoxicating nature, ensuring users won't experience the "high" feeling associated with THC. CBD products come in various concentrations depending on individual needs, allowing users to tailor their experience.

Uses in Dogs


Hemp Extract:

In the expanding world of pet wellness, hemp extract has taken a prominent position. This natural extract is often incorporated into pet products like chews, oils, or treats.

Many pet owners turn to hemp extract to promote overall wellness, notably supporting joint health. Hemp extract might lend a calming touch in situations that might spike anxiety in dogs, such as thunderstorms or fireworks. Especially for senior canines, it's suggested to aid mobility. When considering hemp extract for pets, always opt for formulations crafted explicitly for them.


For more targeted canine wellness needs, CBD is a preferred choice for many. Whether it's supporting joint health or instilling calmness, CBD-infused products like oils, balms, and pet-specific treats can be found at Beaver Island Hemp

Just like in humans, CBD imparts non-intoxicating effects in dogs. However, always consult a veterinarian for the most suitable dosage and application

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Potential Side Effects

Hemp Extract:

While hemp extract is generally deemed safe, it's essential to be aware of potential side effects. Some individuals might experience mild digestive upsets. There's also the possibility of interactions with certain medications, hence the emphasis on caution. Overconsumption might result in drowsiness in some pets. 

As a best practice, always begin with the recommended dosages and observe for any adverse reactions. Remember, effects can vary based on individual tolerance.


CBD is largely celebrated for its safety profile, but it's not without potential side effects. Some pets might exhibit symptoms like dry mouth or drowsiness. The significance of sourcing CBD from reputable suppliers must be addressed, as purity plays a pivotal role in its efficacy and safety. 

Third-party lab testing should back any claim of purity. Introduce CBD into your pet's routine gradually and monitor it closely. Before starting, it's prudent to talk with a veterinarian. 

Our third party lab tests are located here on our website, at Beaver Island Hemp we undergo extensive testing to make sure our products are free of unwanted impuririties.  

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Quality and Labeling

Hemp Extract:

Always check labels for indications of "full" or "broad-spectrum." Third-party lab testing assures the product's integrity. Labels should be transparent about the cannabinoid content. Prioritize brands that are upfront about their sourcing methods. Beware of products with unnecessary fillers or additives.


For those inclined towards the purest form of CBD, seek out products labeled "CBD isolate." Product potency should be verifiable through lab results. It's critical to confirm that there are no added synthetic cannabinoids. Packaging must unequivocally state the THC content or its absence. Opt for brands that have built trust over time and uphold their reputation in the market.

Environmental Impact

Hemp Extract:

Hemp plants, being bioaccumulators, can absorb contaminants from the soil. This underscores the value of organic farming practices for hemp. Fortunately, hemp farming can align seamlessly with sustainable and eco-friendly practices. 

The utilization of the whole plant in various industries ensures minimal waste. Beyond hemp extract, the plant finds many uses, amplifying its ecological value.


The process of extracting CBD can have environmental implications. Hence, a keen focus on brands championing sustainable extraction methods becomes crucial. Given hemp's bioaccumulative properties, clean growing conditions are non-negotiable. 

CBD is often a byproduct of larger hemp industries. As eco-conscious consumers, supporting companies that prioritize eco-friendly packaging and sustainable practices is rewarding.

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Final Thoughts on Hemp vs. CBD 

 For humans, hemp extract offers a comprehensive blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial phytonutrients. Its all-encompassing nature makes it ideal for those seeking a full spectrum of benefits. CBD, on the other hand, is an isolated compound known for its targeted effects. Its purity and specificity make it a preferred choice for many.

For our four-legged friends, the journey isn't much different. Hemp extract, often found in chews and oils, supports overall wellness, offering potential benefits like joint health and calmness. CBD products for dogs focus on specific wellness objectives, ranging from joint support to fostering calmness during stressful situations.

The choice between hemp extract and CBD depends largely on individual needs and desired outcomes. Both offer unique advantages. It's essential to source products from reputable brands, ensuring quality and efficacy. Beaver Island Hemp takes pride in its curated collection, catering to both humans and pets. Feel free to explore our collections and make an informed choice tailored to your furry companions' needs.

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